Horse hooves, standing on comfortable horse stall flooring, ideal solution for horse stall flooring

SoftStall™ by SMI is a global leader in advanced equine stall flooring.


Comfort without compromise - SoftStall™ products are now 40% stronger.

SoftStall™ has introduced a revolutionary product upgrade unmatched anywhere in our industry. If you’re looking for a top-of-class stall flooring system that outperforms and outlasts other stall flooring systems, look no further.

The SoftStall™ system will provide your horse with a firm and steadfast wall-to-wall waterproof, therapeutic bed that will protect the underlying base and eliminate any future maintenance and bacterial build-up!

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High Density Underpad

1.5” thick pad that is firm and flat

Tensile Strength

Tear-resistant. Multilayer, industrial-strength fabric-reinforced material technology

Durable E-Tek Top Cover

Ultra-strong, long-lasting, waterproof, and latex-free


Customizable to suit any size stall, no limitations

No Hock Sores

Consistent density to support tendons and eliminate friction

Zero Mattress Settling 

Uniform installed height, eliminating future maintenance

Large horse stables and groundsHorse jumping over bars at a competition

The Choice for World-Class Events!

In 2010, when the World Equestrian Games came to the USA for the first time in history, SoftStall™ was chosen to outfit the world-class facilities.

Corporate Partnership

The SoftStall™ flooring system has been widely adopted by renowned facilities, venues, private barns, and veterinary hospitals where owners and facility managers are committed to providing the utmost care for their horses.


Speak to our sales team to find out more about what makes SoftStall™ the best choice for you.