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Preventative & Recovery

Proven to support and speed recovery time, while preventing future injury such as hock sores, and joint issues

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Save Money
& Time

Greatly reduces the amount of time required for mucking stalls. Saves on shavings.

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We have made an awesome product better!

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Decrease the amount of waste from your facility, with less shavings required, horses can be comfortable and save you money.


Created for horses by horse people. It has been our commitment and continued quest to improve the lives and animals everywhere! We at Stable Marketing Inc. , the creators of the premier brand SoftStall™ have brought a better life to thousands of horses worldwide for over 15 years!

The benefits associated with our SoftStall™ System have proven out time and time again in providing horses with a better and healthier stall experience. When your horse needs to be stalled SoftStall™ is the solution that will improve their Quality of Life!

SoftStall™ is made up of two key components.

1.  SoftStall™ Therapeutic pads:

Each SoftStall™ therapeutic pad is made from recycled closed celled, cross linked foam pieces. This material is engineered into a high density 4' x 6' x 2” & 4' x 5' x 2”* thick pad that is firm and flat. The SoftStall™ therapeutic pads have excellent Flex Fatigue characteristics, Indentation Force Deflection (IFD) and tensile strength. This means that the 2” thickness of this pad will remain this way for many years to come and without losing its height or firmness. The SoftStall™ Therapeutic pad provides a comforting thermal, insulation barrier that protects your horse from cold and dampness.

2.  SoftStall™ Waterproof Top Cover:

SoftStall's™ top cover is a waterproof, durable cover with excellent tensile strength. The durability comes from the combination of high tensile strength geo-synthetic material combined with a hypoallergenic, inert and enviro-friendly waterproof coating. The SoftStall™ top cover contains NO LATEX which has been known to create allergic reactions in some horses when they come into contact with it. SoftStall's™ top cover spans 13' 3" wide and can come in any length accommodating larger or double stalls for foaling purposes.

The Result

Once installed and secured with the plastic fastening strips your SoftStall™ system will provide your horse with a firm and steadfast wall to wall waterproof, therapeutic bed and will protect the underlying base and eliminate any future maintenance and bacterial build up associated with tradition stall floors.

Why SoftStall™?

Overall Benefits

•Wall to wall stall seal
•Rejuvenates muscles, joints & tendons
•Provides insulation from damp and cold
•Cleaner, healthier stall due to no seeping of urine.
•Cuts muck time in half

Health Benefits

•Eliminates hock sores
•Speed recovery time
•Proven success on horses with laminitis

Cost Savings

•Pays for itself within one year
•Save on shavings and on manure removal
•Saves on hay

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What Makes Us The Best?

Simple, Lightweight, easy to install, durable & long lasting.

Consistent & proper density in pad construction which supports tendons yet eliminates friction meaning no more hock sores.

Easy to handle 30 lb (4'x6'x2”) & (4'x5'x2”)* custom molded flat therapeutic pad eliminates low spots or lumpy, rolling surfaces.

Zero mattress settling means the same consistent installed height eliminating future maintenance due to settling & undue wear & tear on waterproof cover.

Recycled & safe materials. NO latex so no equine allergic reactions.

Simple & fast to install, Light weight, NO extra materials required & NO adhesives or tapes required.

Competitively priced

Easy to handle lightweight custom molded flat therapeutic pad eliminates low spots or lumpy, rolling surfaces.

More Information

For more information and pricing on the most requested stall flooring product on the market, call us at 1-866-333-7638

All SoftStall materials are covered by a 2 year warranty against manufacture defects. Due to the nature and use of SoftStall and SoftStall Pro products please note that all sales are final.

*SoftStall™ reserves the right to provide (4'x6'x2”) & (4'x5'x2”) size pads based on availablity at time of order. The size of pad and its installation has absolutely no bearing on the performance, wear or waranty of the product. All Sales are final.

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