SoftStallTM Original



It has been our commitment and continued quest to improve the lives and animals everywhere! We at Stable Marketing Inc., the creators of the premier brand SoftStall™ have brought a better life to thousands of horses worldwide for more than a decade.

The benefits associated with our SoftStall Original System have proven out time and time again in providing horses with a better and healthier stall experience. An experience that has provided them with a level of comfort then ever provided before.

8 years ago SoftStall switched from the heavy rubber filled mattresses to our new light weight thermapeutic base pads for the following benefits:

  • Consistency in molded single unit therapeutic pads eliminates adjustments or leveling after installation.
  • Zero mattress settling. Loose fill means rubber crumb in cells would displace air and flatten down. Solid piece construction remains the same height and eliminates future maintenance from settling while therapeutic benefits remain the same from installation.
  • New Flat Top surface means no more “rolling hump” appearance through the top cover.
  • Every stall surface will be flat. No more adding loose rubber crumb to level as our competition always suggests.
  • Eliminate ripped or torn mattresses during delivery, or any chance of damage due to rodents and or outside storage of product.
  • Lighter more manageable mattress for handling. Horses cannot shift the solid construction as is possible with a smaller sized crumb filled mattress available.
  • Solid piece construction means using the correct amount of mattress during installation.

Coupled with our durable and water resistant pre-coated top cover the combination provides all breeds of horse with an easy to install and ready to use product. Some of the many benefits!

  • Wall to wall stall seal
  • Rejuvenates muscles, joints & tendons
  • Provides insulation from damp and cold
  • Eliminates hock sores
  • Save on shavings and on manure removal
  • Cuts muck time in half
  • Speed recovery time
  • Proven success on horses with laminitis
  • Pays for itself within one year

For more information and pricing on the most requested stall flooring product on the market, 866-333-7638

All SoftStall Advantage materials are covered by a 2 year warranty against manufacture defects.
Due to the nature and use of SoftStall Original and SoftStall Advantage products please note that all sales are final.