SoftStallTM Advantage - Why this system?



The SoftStallTM brand is the most recognized, trusted, and effective therapeutic stall flooring system for your horse on the market today!


Do Horses sleep? Have you ever noticed that there are days when your horse appears more rested than others? We all know how a good bed affects our sleep, and recent research indicates that the bedding material we provide our horses may influence their sleep as well.

As written by Dr. Michael Lowder DVM, MS


Thousands of horses worldwide are now enjoying the benefits SoftStallTM Advantage has to offer!


Benefits of our light weight therapuetic pad

with its flat surface technology:

  • provides optimum stability
  • maintains maximum health benefits
  • insulates from cold & dampness
  • easy to handle
  • reduces your costs
  • fast & easy to install
  • allows for our new liquid applied coating


For the past decade SoftStallTMhas been the premier choice of equestrians looking to improve the quality of life for their horses. SoftStallTM Advantage is the evolution of years of development and research and has brought SoftStallTM to the next level and revolutionized the equine therapeutic bedding industry. It is a system that acts as a therapeutic bed for your horse. Just like us, horses need a good rest and require "rem" sleep which they can only achieve lying down. This rest is essential for horses to rejuvenate their muscles, tendons, joints and the rest of their body and mind. SoftStallTM Advantage invites horses to lay down because it imitates natural bedding conditions while keeping the cold and dampness from their joints and muscles. There is no friction or discomfort when they get up and lay down... that is why you will never see a hock sore with this system in place. The SoftStallTM brand has been coined the "beauty rest" of the horse world.


SoftStallTM Advantage also provides the highest level of bio-security and easy to disinfect surface which is key to the health of a horse and for Equine Practitioners and World Class Competition Venues...this level of bio-security cannot be acheived with screw fastened top cover systems.


Importantly, shavings are not required for the comfort of the horse but to absorb the urine so it can easily be removed providing a healthier bacterial free environment. The amount of shavings required in each stall will be determined by three factors... your horses turn out program, its behavior in its stall and the absorbency of the shavings. The average savings on shavings SoftStallTM Advantage customers enjoy are between 30%-50% when used properly. Beware of products that boast shaving savings of 70% or more as bacterial and ammonia levels could be harmfulf for your horse due to a lack of shavings available to absorb the urine.


What makes our SoftStallTM Advantage product so unique is its two layers. The bottom layer of theSoftStallTM Advantage system is our proven, G-Max engineered Flat Technology that provides (HIC) or Head Impact Criteria to provide ideal comfort and safety for your horse and foal. Unlike other foam pads on the market... these unique pads are comprised of recycled closed cell foam pieces molded to a specifec G-Max rating to provide the ideal comfort and durability in a light weight pad providing excellent performance benefits GUARANTEED for years to come. The height of the matress is approximately 1" and comes in a 4'x6' pad weighing only 25lbs for easy handling.


The second layer of the SoftStallTM Advantage system is our patented non-toxic StallSealTM water based, liquid coating. This extremely durable coating cures to provide a rubberized, water-tight seamless, flexible, non-slip, bio-secure seal, wall to wall in your horses stall. Easily and quickly applied by a squeege. StallSeal bonds to and protects wood, foam, concrete and metal creating a tough yet flexible coating to finish your stall. If an issue or wear spot developes you can simply re-coat the entire surface or isolated area. No more costly and time consuming torn or creased top covers to pull out, purchase, and replace!


SoftStallTM Advantage can be laid on any type of existing stall base that is level and compacted. Be sure to visit our installation section to see how easy this system is to install youself !!!


SoftStallTM Advantage therapeutic pads comes with a 7 year guarantee to maintain its height, form, comfort and against any manufacturing defects.


We still carry top cover for replacement on the previous SoftStallTMmattress system as well as the plastic strips.